The scientific basis of sports training

Antonio Urso
CATEGORIE: Allenamento sportivo
ISBN: 9788860284051

30,00 €


This manual is a collection of the essential elements for the basic training of a sports coach, incorporating the knowledge required for the correct use of training for various purposes: be it functional or athletic, for a medium or high level, as well as simply for personal well-being.

The author draws on his vast experience and knowledge of the theme in question and has opted for a dear and analytical explanation of the main concepts of anatomy, physiology and training methods.
As regards methodology, ampie space has been given to strength training, to modern techniques for assessing training and also the periodisation of training. Particular attention has also been given to the psychological aspects of the communication sphere that is proving to be increasingly more important in the organisation of training.

The scientific approach, which characterises the entire work, makes this manual an excellent study and reference tool for coaches of ali sports and for anyone wishing to improve their personal knowledge on generai and specific physical preparation, providing a valid insight into a greater awareness of the world of sport and fitness.