Football medicine - The pursuit of excellence

A cura di Francesco Della Villa - Davide Susta
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XXX Isokinetic Medical Group Conference
27th - 28th - 29th May 2023
The Isokinetic Medical Group, in partnership with FIFA Medical, is proud to present the 30th edition of the Isokinetic Conference. A landmark edition after three decades of our annual gathering, which has always aimed to foster discussion and innovative vision in the different domains of Football Medicine, often across various aspects of performance, with the final goal of perfecting player and patient care.

It is indeed a very special edition of our conference. A signature of a generation of the world’s Football Medicine leaders, looking to the next one’s contributions to development in our field.
Recently, the Football Medicine community has faced - and is currently facing - the many challenges of a fast-growing environment, where players are pushed to perform to the maximum. We are between international competitions, as the men’s World Cup 2022 has just finished, while the women’s World Cup 2023 is just around the corner. In this context, the players need the best possible approaches to maximise performance, while protecting their health in the short, medium, and long term. Additionally, millions of non-professional players worldwide deserve the same attention, which should be targeted towards each player or patient’s needs. We have therefore decided to dedicate this edition to the “Pursuit of Excellence”. A pursuit, a journey towards excellence in research and clinical practice that the Football Medicine community undertakes every day for players and patients all around the world.

The conference format has been adapted consequentially. The players, key and first stakeholders of our work, will be part of the programme and will be involved in the Open Debate sessions. Alongside traditional sessions, this year we have introduced the Next Generation Leaders concept, where the best original contributions from next generation’s talent will be discussed with the world’s renowned experts.
The Conference is above all an opportunity to discuss and to exchange experiences and forward-thinking ideas between the complex interdisciplinary work of Sports Medicine and Science around the world. It is also the annual gathering of the Football Medicine community, in complete agreement with the Isokinetic Medical Group’s Conference Mission, which is “to inspire the international Sports Medicine Community, through culture, image, atmosphere and organization, to do their best to improve world health”. We strongly believe that creating and maintaining this worldwide platform of knowledge-sharing and relationship creation, with thousands of diverse practitioners from more than 70 represented countries, will continue to bring value to the never-ending debate in the Pursuit of Excellence for our patients.

In this book, in addition to the abstracts of the invited speakers, you will find all the abstracts of the original papers accepted as free oral communications or poster presentations. We would like to thank all the Authors who contributed to the realisation of this volume. We hope that this abstract book for the 30th edition of the Isokinetic Conference will feed further discussion of Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Traumatology, which have been at the core of our Conference since 1992.

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